NSW government extends unique road safety campaign

Following the tremendous success of the launch of the 'Get Your Hand Off It' road safety campaign in June this year, the NSW government is planning to expand the campaign to other media channels in the months to come.

'Get Your Hand Off It' is a cheeky road safety message aiming to discourage drivers from using their mobile phone while driving. Having started as a YouTube video, the government is responding to the warm public reception by rolling it out across television, radio, cinema and other media outlets.

If you're a fleet manager who has road safety high on your agenda, you'll be pleased to know the government is working to inform people of the risks of mobile phone use while driving.

Roads Minister Duncan Gay said the timing of the campaign's expansion was perfect as the busy holiday season approached.

"We don’t want anyone thinking that a quick text behind the wheel or holding a mobile phone while driving is worth the risk of never making it home to your family," he said in a November 29 media release.

The implications of taking your eyes off the road for even a matter of seconds cannot be underestimated. According to the NSW Government's Centre for Road Safety, mobile phone use was responsible for at least 216 crashes - 100 of which resulted in death or injury - in the last five years.

"I urge motorists to make that commitment to themselves, whatever their behaviour to date, decide today to stop using your mobile phone while driving," Mr Gay stressed.

The NSW Police will also be running a targeted campaign in the first half of December to coincide with the advertisements, and will be taking extra measures to crack down on drivers who use their mobiles.

Road safety is one of the highest priorities for any fleet management professional, and these campaigns will serve as additional reminders on the need to put down the phone while in the car.