NSW government pledges commitment to improving road safety

The New South Wales government has pledged its commitment to improving the safety of ageing council owned bridges and structures in the state.

State minister for roads and ports Duncan Gay spoke about the importance of this crucial investment on April 1, in news that should be warmly received by any NSW-based fleet manager concerned about employee wellbeing.

According to Mr Gay, the NSW government is already offering financial support and technical advice to local councils on this matter, while also maintaining 188 bridges on both local and regional roads itself.

However Mr Gay says there is still much work to be done in ensuring the "huge backlog" of outdated infrastructure which is spread across NSW is safe for motorists to use.

"A new $145 million program called Bridges for the Bush has been introduced by the NSW government to help improve road freight productivity by replacing or upgrading bridges on state and local roads in the next five years at 17 key locations in regional NSW," explained Mr Gay.

The Bridges for the Bush program goes alongside a previously announced $1.35 billion investment towards maintaining roads in the state.

Mr Gay says that the NSW government is seeking support for the Bridges for the Bush initiative, and hopes that the federal government will match that $145 million in funding in order to bring the total value of the program to $290 million.

"We’re doing what we can to help local government in NSW but councils need to make clear decisions as to where funding should be allocated in their local area," added Mr Gay.

Announcements such as this are good news for any organisation with vehicles operating in New South Wales.

Not only will improvements to state transportation infrastructure help improve driver safety, it will also reduce the amount of fleet maintenance and accident call outs that might result from an incident caused by outdated roads and bridges.