NSW police disappointed by poor driver behaviour

New South Wales police have again expressed frustration and disappointment over poor driver behaviour in the state.

"Put simply, irresponsible behaviour on the roads has consequences," said operations commander of the Traffic and Highway Patrol Command, superintendent Stuart Smith in a statement released August 7.

"In some cases, those consequences are fines, licence suspensions or damaged vehicles. In other cases, such irresponsibility can lead to serious injury or death."
Police stopped several vehicles over the weekend for serious speeding infringements, including a Yamaha R1 motorcycle which was clocked at 119km per hour in a 50km per hour zone.

A number of other offences were also reported by police, including driving while over the legal limit, driving without P plates and driving while disqualified.

The news is another stern reminder of the importance of educating your drivers on correct behaviour while on the road and encouraging safe vehicle operation.

However it is also worth remembering that no matter how responsible your staff are, driving always carries with it some level of risk as you can never fully account for the behaviour of other motorists.

For that reason, it might be wise to look into fleet services which can offer 24/7 roadside assistance in order to provide peace of mind for your drivers and ensure that help is available should an incident occur.

Fleet maintenance software which can track driver behaviour and provide in-depth reporting modules is also a good way to ensure that your company vehicles are being operated in a safe and efficient manner.

"Drivers need to be aware that every time they get behind the wheel, their actions can have life-changing consequences," added superintendent Smith.