NSW service stations receive vapour recovery systems

If you're an environmentally conscious fleet manager, you'll be pleased to hear that the New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has been overseeing service station upgrades that will have your drivers breathing a little easier.

The EPA is installing vapour recovery systems in 1,300 service stations all over New South Wales to help alleviate the dangerous effect that petrol fumes can have on both air quality and people's health.

Mark Gifford, chief environmental regulator, said these systems will capture around 5,000 tonnes of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other pollutants every year.

He explained that there are two stages (VR1 and VR2) to the vapour recovery system. VR1 involves capturing petrol vapours displaced from storage tanks during the refilling process, while VR2 collects vapours displaced from vehicles' tanks when they are being refuelled.

"Together these technologies can capture an estimated 95 per cent of petrol fumes before they enter the air, taking away both the smell and the health risk to the public," Mr Gifford said.

New South Wales is the only state in Australia to have introduced the VR2 stage. By January 2014, Mr Gifford said that all large service stations, from Newcastle to Shellharbour, and all the way to the Blue Mountains, will be required to install VR2 technology.

Smaller service stations (those that dispense between 3.5 and 12 million litres of petrol per year) will have until January 2014 to comply with this requirement.

The EPA is making sure that when people driving the cars in your fleet stop to fill up, they won't be damaging the environment quite as much as they once did.

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