NSW study confirms benefit of speed cameras

Speeding fines are the bane of many a fleet manager, nothing is more frustrating than receiving a ticket just because your driver was not paying enough attention to their speedometer.

However those pesky speeding cameras may be doing some good, a new study from the New South Wales government has confirmed.

The first Annual Review of Speed Cameras focused on 97 fixed speed camera locations across the state, finding a 38 per cent reduction in the number of vehicle incidents in these locations.

The benefit to people's safety was enormous, with an 87 per cent reduction in fatalities and a 37 per cent reduction in injuries, according to the review.

Mobile speed cameras were also found to provide a significant boost to road safety, reducing fatalities by 19 per cent.

While those results make it difficult to deny the positive impact of speed cameras, there is no doubt that being on the receiving end of a fine remains one of the most annoying facets of driving.

The impact of a speeding ticket isn't just limited to financial costs as well, with unpaid infringements potentially delaying car registration and causing significant headaches if not taken care of in a timely manner. 

Luckily, there is fleet management software available which can manage unpaid fines or warrants to ensure they are dealt with quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get company vehicles back on the road faster.