NT road safety set to improve

A new truck bay set for construction on the Plenty highway is part of many infrastructure projects designed to improve road safety in the Northern Territory.

Fleet managers in the state will already know the danger in driving long distances between destinations. More rest stops will allow fleets to break up a drive to help reduce the risk of accidents.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Peter Styles said the bay will be constructed on the outbound direction of the highway and replace the current insufficient one.

"This new parking bay is part of a jointly funded 2.5 million project on the Australian Government Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program with the Northern Territory contribution being $500,000," he said. 

The Giles Government will also build two other truck bays, one which is already under construction on the Lasseter Highway and one on the Tanami Highway. These rest stops will be of benefit for long haul drivers in the state who currently have to deal with hundreds of kilometres of roads without safe stopping areas.

Mr Styles said the truck stops would be accompanied with other safety features for drivers.

"Works on the parking bay would see the construction of new gravel pavement and seal, accelerating and decelerating lanes, a heavy vehicle weighing pad and signage and line marking," he said.

The work is expected to begin in May and take about three months to complete, he added.

Fleet drivers in the area are urged to take care in the area while work is in progress and be aware of any road closures or diversions.

Businesses operating in rural areas of the Northern Territory are recommended to install a fleet management software system that can help manage fuel consumption across long drives.

Good fleet maintenance is also recommended with drivers often hundreds of kilometres away from assistance.