October is Safe Work Australia Month

Workplace safety is an issue for everyone - workers and employers alike. That's why October has seen the launch of Safe Work Australia Month.

The nationwide initiative is designed to promote occupational health and safety and improve the pool of knowledge and information available to businesses and employees.

For businesses that require their workers to be on the road, this will have strong resonance. A fleet manager will see workplace safety as something they confront everyday, as fleet drivers put themselves on the road and in some form of danger on a regular basis.

To put the risk into perspective, Roy Morgan Research found that road traffic accidents increased in 2013, as 15.5 million drivers on overflowing road infrastructure presented more opportunities for collisions and crashes.

Fortunately, a constantly improving vehicle safety standard and improved fleet maintenance has led to less fatalities over the past two and a half decades, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Last year there were 1,196 road traffic fatalities, compared to 2,331 in 1990. In that time, the number of vehicles on the road has increased by 66 per cent.

To rebalance these statistics, Safe Work Australia Month has launched to encourage conversation between employers and workers on how safety standards can be improved.

Safe Work Australia Month

The month-long initiative also includes a series of virtual seminars, designed to give a free resource for those looking to improve workplace health and safety. Speaking at the official launch, Minister for Employment Eric Abetz said every employer has something to learn from the program.

"It's important for all businesses - no matter their size - to effectively manage the health and safety of their workers," he said.

"Safe Work Australia Month and the Virtual Seminar Series provide individuals, businesses and the general community with a platform to start a conversation about work health and safety."

"Raising awareness of work health and safety will reduce injuries, increase productivity and may save a life."

While the recent statistics are encouraging, Safe Work Australia Month will aim to ensure fewer fatalities for fleets, among other work areas.

"Sadly, 191 people lost their lives in a work-related incident in 2013. While this is the lowest number on record, it's still 191 too many."

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