Our fleet software modules

Smartfleet's software for fleet management includes a number of different modules that will make life so much easier for your business's fleet manager.

Here's a quick run-down of the modules we offer.

Fuel Management

Once Smartfleet has uploaded all of your organisation's "fuel files" into our fleet software, you will be able to track how much petrol your vehicles are consuming and how much it's costing your business. You can also order and cancel fuel cards using this module.

Registration Management

Using this module, you will be able to renew vehicle registrations, as well as record and track vehicle inspections. And, if your memory's not what it used to be, never fear - this will also send you an alert automatically when any of your vehicles' registrations are about to expire.

Service and Maintenance

This clever module stores the maintenance and cost history for all of your fleet's vehicles and sends you a reminder when they are due to be serviced.

Online Vehicle Pool Booking

This allows you to book, track and monitor the vehicles in your fleet online. And, even better, it gives you the option to search for particular bookings by site, reference number, driver, status or even the time the booking was made. This makes monitoring the comings and goings of your fleet a whole lot easier!

Online Tendering

This enables you to purchase and dispose of vehicles in one easy-to-use system. Any time you want to buy a vehicle, simply set up a tender and watch the bids from our extensive network of dealers come rolling in. The best part - you'll be in full control of the process!

Online FBT

This organises your Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) information and allows you to manage it through comprehensive reporting.The module calculates FBT using both the statutory formula and operating cost methods, which will come in particularly handy now that new FBT rules have been introduced.