Patience is essential when driving through roadworks

Roadworks locations can be the site of accidents if drivers are not careful - and in growing cities like Perth, one insurer is reminding motorists to take to the roads with extra care this summer.

Speaking to The West Australian, AAMI spokesman Reuben Aitchison noted that in cities like Perth that are growing and expanding, roadworks can't be avoided.

However, he noted that there are many proactive things that drivers can do to minimize their risks. These include remaining focused behind the wheel, leaving ample room between your vehicle and the car in front of you, and remaining calm - even in stressful or frustrating situations.

Mr Aitchison told the publication: "Being a safe driver means maintaining focus and staying calm behind the wheel. However, all too often when we find ourselves driving through roadworks or slow moving traffic, we become impatient, speed or weave in and out of traffic lanes."

He also explained that the majority of accidents that take place in the Perth area happen on Thursday and Fridays in the run-up to the weekend, and suggested that this might be a time where drivers should take additional care.

Fleet managers who are keen to keep their drivers safe on the road may also wish to invest in software that can help encourage their employees to make safe decisions in company vehicles.

Comprehensive fleet management software can produce reports on the vehicle's activity, which can encourage good driver behaviour and can also identify if particular cars or utes are less efficient than others in the fleet.

This proactive measure can help to keep your staff safe and minimise costs to help your fleet run as efficiently and effectively as possible.