Petrol prices 'set to remain high'

Petrol prices are likely to remain high for at least the next week in New South Wales, with the NRMA observing prices of $1.66/litre in parts of Sydney, according to Fairfax reports.

The latest price hike comes on the heels of predictions earlier this month by CommSec economist Savanth Sebastian, who asserted that petrol prices below $1.50/litre would be unlikely during the holiday season.

While the latest fuel price hike is likely to be short-lived and last until the end of the week, the fluctuating cost of petrol is an important reminder to motorists and fleet managers to do what they can to promote green driving - especially as these escalating costs can have a major impact on your organisation's bottom line.

Intelligent fleet management software can provide essential information about the fuel consumption of each vehicle in the fleet and can even flag specific cars or driving behaviour that leads to increased fuel use.

Although there is not much fleet managers can do about the cost of petrol itself, they can use a fleet management solution to ensure fuel is being used optimally. You may wish to consider restructuring your fleet mix, reducing your overall number or cars, or even replacing some of your older models with newer, more fuel-efficient vehicles.

Another solution is to ensure that green driving is part of your training program and that drivers know how to operate each vehicle as efficiently as possible. Fleet management software has reporting capabilities that can encourage best practice from drivers as well as provide you with a clear snapshot of where further efficiencies can be made with your vehicles.