Petrol prices spike during October

Petrol prices spiked throughout much of Australia during the third week of October, particularly in Sydney where Fairfax Media reported an increase at the pumps of up to 30 cents per litre.

While Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Petrol Commissioner Joe Dimasi was reported as saying that the price rises were "not justified", that did little to alleviate the concerns of both individuals and businesses alike. 

However there are a lot of ways in which an innovative fleet manager might look to cut back on petrol costs in order to improve the efficiency of his or her fleet.

For starters, they might look at servicing the individual vehicles in order to ensure they are running to the manufacturers specifications for optimum fuel consumption.

Often keeping to a regular maintenance schedule or even disposing of older cars and procuring new vehicles can lead to long-term expense reductions. 

Another way is to utilise the information that can be collated in fleet management software in order to a review a range of factors and determine any areas where improvements might be made.

Because fuel consumption rates can be impacted by a variety of things, fleet management software which offers a fuel management module can be an invaluable tool in highlighting any areas of excess usage.

Fleet management software can also provide an online pool booking system which allows certain vehicles to be given priority status, ensuring that the most fuel efficient and well maintained vehicles are used first.

Savings in fuel consumption can also be found by reducing excess weight in a vehicle, such as by removing unnecessary baggage which a driver might be keeping inside the car.