Petrol prices spike in Melbourne

Petrol prices spiked by 17 cents in Melbourne yesterday, but are expected to decrease again soon in news that highlights the unpredictable nature of fuel costs in an unstable economic climate.

Michael Case, a spokesman for the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, has suggested that drivers show patience at the pumps if they want to save money.

"Motorists shouldn't panic because we believe it's the beginning of a new fuel price cycle and based on history that price will progressively decline," Mr Case told the Herald Sun yesterday (July 3).

"You can save money by delaying filling up by at least a few days - longer if you can."

Having an efficient fleet management system can be an excellent way of tracking driver behaviour and ensuring the correct use of fuel cards and fuel types.

There are many ways to reduce fuel costs in your fleet, including changing driver habits, switching to alternative fuels and ensuring your vehicle is correctly configured for its purposes.

Fuel pricing can be affected by a range of factors, including supply and demand and government regulations as well as economic and environmental situations.

For that reason it is important for fleet managers to stay on top of fuel usage statistics and ensure you are maximising efficiency in your fleet.