Police minister urges motorists not to "risk it" these school holidays

Queensland police minister Jack Dempsey is urging drivers not to take risks and to drive with care over the upcoming school holiday period.

"These school holidays we want everyone to make it to their destination safely - driving carelessly is just not worth the risk," said the minister in a statement issued September 18.

"It only takes a split second lapse in concentration for the worst to happen and that is why the Queensland Police Service is reminding everyone to remember the Fatal Four - do not drive tired, wear a seatbelt, do not speed and do not drive drunk."

With the 2012 road toll in Queensland approaching 200, operation support command assistant commissioner Peter Martin has also added his voice to the warnings being given to motorists.

Mr Martin reminded all drivers using the roads this school holidays to take into account the conditions and to obey all the rules of the road. He also noted that police would be out in force to act as a deterrent and to punish those for whom the message has not yet gotten across.

The assistant commissioner said that Queensland police will be utilising a range of tools at their disposal, including a variety of speed cameras and random breath and drug testing, in order to ensure the roads are kept as safe as possible.

However he also noted that drivers would have to take responsibility for their actions.

The best way to ensure your fleet is driving safely and efficiently is through comprehensive driver education and ensuring regular fleet maintenance is undertaken, as well as utilising fleet management software to track vehicles and confirm they are being used in an efficient and competent manner. 

You may also want to remind them that while driving a bit slower may make journeys longer, it is also a good way of reducing fuel consumption and is significantly safer as well.

"It is far better to take a little longer to get to your destination than to not get there at all," pointed out Mr Dempsey.