A pool booking system can help your organisation reach optimal fleet efficiency

When it comes to keeping a well maintained and efficient fleet, often less is more.

Having an unnecessarily large quantity of company vehicles can be costly and frustrating, as each car will bring with it additional expenses in terms of fleet maintenance and registration costs.

At the same time, not having a large enough fleet can be similarly detrimental as it will lead to drivers being kept off the road and staff not having access to vehicles when they need them.

The aim of any good fleet manager should therefore be to identify the optimal amount of vehicles for your organisation's fleet, and one way to do this is through an intelligent pool vehicle booking system.

Fleet management software which includes a pool vehicle booking system can identify whether company vehicles are being used to optimal efficiency by recording and reporting on fleet movements and expenditures.

That way you can easily identify whether the fleet is operating efficiently or not and what changes will be needed to help ensure continued efficiency in the future.

They can also ensure that drivers are able to easily access vehicles when they require them, vastly reducing the issues that can often arise with fleet management such as double booking and vehicle shortages.

An innovative pool booking system will even allow you to set priority ratings on individual vehicles, ensuring that the most fuel efficient and reliable cars are the first ones utilised if a vehicle is required.