Port Augusta tops regional fuel ratings

One of the testing parts of managing a fleet is maintaining consistent fuel consumption. While there is no point driving out of your way to get to the cheapest fuel, it can be handy to know when your fleet is in the most affordable town in your state.

In the latest Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA) fuel ratings, Port Augusta has emerged as the town to beat. The RAA said Port Augusta had the 'best rated petrol' in South Australia, while also having 'fair' prices for Diesel and LPG.

RAA Senior Analyst Chris West said Port Augusta moved from 15th place in December and deserved its overall 3.5 rating.

An overall rating of over three determines the town has a 'fair' rating. Mr West said Loxton, in the state's east, achieved a 3.1 which was the only other town to reach a 'fair' overall rating. 

Despite the gains that Port Augusta and Loxton made, the RAA said the majority of the industry had not passed cheaper petrol prices onto consumers despite the wholesale price decreasing in recent months.

Towns like Coober Pedy (1.4), Ceduna (1.4) and Broken Hill (NSW) (1.6) were among the worst performers in the fuel ratings and achieved a 'poor' mark overall.

These ratings reflected the poor work done in the towns to pass savings onto motorists. With wholesale prices of all fuel types expected to fall again this month, Mr West expects the worst achieving towns to pick up their game.

"With this in mind we would expect to see the price of all fuel types begin to fall in regional areas over the coming weeks," said Mr West.

"If the industry however, continues to drag its feet when passing on cost price reductions, they will be solely responsible for country motorists paying more than they should."

In the last ratings, South Australian towns averaged 3.0. This time, however, it plummeted to 2.4.

Top five regional South Australian fuel ratings

  1. Port Augusta 3.5
  2. Loxton 3.1
  3. Keith 2.9
  4. Remark 2.8
  5. Whyalla 2.7