Property a target for car key theft

While car theft in South Australia is on the decline, the region's authoritive automobile body, the Royal Automobile Association (RAA), has advised all car owners to be careful of car key theft.

Fleet managers up and down the country will be able to take heed from the RAA's latest warning on the importance of protecting fleet assets from thieves.

RAA Senior Manager Mobility & Automotive Policy Mark Borlace said that around 40 per cent of car thefts are now related to property break-ins.

"Due to immobilisers making it harder to steal a car, thieves are now using different methods as vehicle keys are the only property stolen in one in four house break-ins," he explained this month.

"These types of offenders are also becoming more brazen, entering premises they know are occupied and they are prepared to resort to or threaten violence to intimidate anyone at home."

Protecting your fleet vehicles from theft

One simple way to protect your business vehicles from this growing threat is by taking more control over car key distribution processes.

Keys have an infamous reputation for being misplaced, and for a fleet manager handling numerous car keys, the opportunity for loss increases with each employee that handles each set.

Smartfleet offers unique services to aid key distribution among employees, as well as protecting them from theft.

As part of our managed fleet services, key storage facilities can be implemented into your premises to add value to vehicle security.

Keys are stored securely, and key pad or fingerprint security panels can be used to control which vehicles are being checked out. This helps a fleet manager keep tabs on which driver has access to which fleet vehicles, mitigates against theft from break-ins and helps prevent permanent loss.

Along with property, your business fleet vehicles may be one of the more expensive investments your company makes. Protect them with Smartfleet's cost-effective and secure fleet management services.