Protecting your fleet from the elements

In a country such as Australia that regularly experiences weather extremes, it's extra important to protect your fleet at all times.

Any fleet manager in Australia will be well aware, for example, of the slow but steady damage our intense heat waves can cause in vehicles.

It's not just the heat we have to protect our cars from, either. As Cyclone Dylan recently showed, unexpected weather events can wreak havoc in any city and instantly create substantial road hazards.

That has led to the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) issuing a reminder to motorists to avoid driving on flooded roads due to the potential impact on vehicles and human lives.

"You might be familiar with the road but floodwaters are unpredictable so you're entering unknown territory if you risk driving through," the RACQ's Executive Manager for Technical and Safety Policy Steve Spalding said in a January 31 statement.

"Even shallow water can sweep a car off the road so remember - if it’s flooded, forget it."

Mr Spalding also urged drivers not to get complacent about their ability to drive through floodwaters, regardless of the size of their vehicle. He said that even large four wheel drives can be swept away by a flood.

Therefore, all drivers should thoroughly check road conditions before setting out on a journey and postpone travel if necessary, says the RACQ.

This may not seem like a realistic option if you're a fleet manager with tight deadlines to adhere to, but it is important to keep the safety of your staff and your vehicles a top priority.

And whether or not your area is undergoing a weather event, it always pays to have a comprehensive fleet management program in place. The best fleet services providers ensure that things like roadside assistance and accident management are included, meaning your fleet can get back up and running with as little disruption as possible.