A quarter of motorists without roadside assistance

It is commonly understood that anything that can happen will happen. There's even a universal rule that acknowledges this: Murphy's Law - although it's often known by a less flattering name.

When it comes to managing the issues that could befall your fleet, this law makes prioritisation a must. While the chance of a comet landing on your roof is possible, it is unlikely at best, so not something to stay up worrying about at night.

Instead of concerning themselves over every eventuality, a fleet manager needs to focus their time and resources on the most pressing matters - and one of these is the issue of a vehicle breakdown.

A car has an average of 30,000 parts, according to Toyota, meaning that a huge number of things can go wrong. It is likely to be as your drivers are out and about meeting deadlines that something will.

And yet a quarter of motorists (23 per cent) do not have roadside assistance, a recent survey from Roy Morgan Research shows.

Is your fleet without breakdown cover?

This worrying statistic, which shows how a large number of people do not have a professional to call upon if their vehicle suffer an on-road setback, is just the tip of the iceberg.

In Tasmania, only 60 per cent of road users have access to breakdown services - and 65 per cent in Northern Territory cities Darwin and Alice Springs. Those located in Outback Australia may have even greater cause for concern, given the sparse number of fuel stations and the often rugged, unsealed terrain vehicles are forced to traverse.

Meanwhile, a higher-than-average 79 per cent of motorists in New South Wales and ACT have cover, while 78 per cent in Victoria could say the same.

Why you need roadside assistance

If those remaining motorists without cover were to break down, they would face the options of paying a premium for a pick up, fixing the vehicle themselves or attempting to find help elsewhere.

For a fleet manager, not having a good roadside assistance plan could prove critical to workflow, and affect everything from safety to customer relationships and employee retention - who likes to be left stranded, after all?

If your fleet is without coverage - whether it's because of cost, time or admin restraints - Smartfleet has the solution. We offer full roadside assistance and accident management services, allowing you to focus on your core business and avoid worrying about Murphy's Law.

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