Queensland announces speed limit review results

Infrastructure upgrades and the increasing number of vehicles on roads around Australia means that authorities always need to manage speed limits. Queensland is the latest state in recent months to complete a speed limit review that investigated a number of highways, in order to gauge whether the current allowance is appropriate.

The results of the review were released this week (August 7) and reveal that fleets are set to travel more quickly and safely along some highways. More than 100 roads were short listed for review after more than 3,000 public submissions.

A total of 42 sections of road were investigated across a range of factors including public input, crash data and local knowledge. Of this, six speed limits will be increased and three decreased. Another four will have the number and frequency of changes reduced in the future.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson said the safety of motorists is always taken into account in making these decisions.

"This review is yet another way the LNP Government is listening to Queenslanders' concerns and making our state the safest place to work, live and raise a family," he said.

"Boosting consistency of speed on Queensland roads is part of our two-year, $350 million Road Safety Action Plan to drive down the road toll."

In fact, the road toll is very impressive compared to previous years in the Sunshine State - 39 fatalities behind this time last year. Mr Emerson reminds fleet drivers not to change their speeds before signage is installed.

Potential speed changes by late August

  • Leichhardt, Carnarvon and Warrego Highways - 100km/h to 110km/h
  • Four speed zones on sections of the Peak Downs Highway from Te Kowai to Walkerston - 100km/h to 90km/h

Fleets that use these roads on a regular basis should see improvements in their fuel consumption as well and are also encouraged to install fleet management software.