Queensland launches 'confronting' driver safety commercials

The Queensland government has announced the launch of a 'shocking' road safety commercial campaign, which will run in the lead up to the Easter school holidays.

The advertisements - entitled the ‘Better slow down' campaign - will only screen after 20.30 at night, due to their graphic content.

Transport and main roads minister Scott Emerson says that the campaign is an attempt to curb the rising 2013 Queensland road toll.

As of March 6 2013, 62 people had already lost their lives whilst driving in Queensland - 34.8 per cent more than at the same point in 2012.

"The road toll is already at a stage where there is no alternative but to confront people with the dangers of speeding in such a shocking way night after night," said Mr Emerson in a statement released March 11.

"There is no such thing as safe speeding. Speed contributes to one in every five fatal road crashes in Queensland, making it one of the biggest killers on our roads."

The campaign, which is being funded through the Camera Detected Offence Program, will mainly target young male drivers aged 17-24, who are statistically most likely to be involved in a fatal speed crash in Queensland.

If you are a fleet manager in Queensland concerned about the rising road toll than now might be a good time to remind your drivers about the importance of staying within the posted speed limits at all times.

It's important to remember that driver education - alongside regular fleet maintenance - can be an excellent way of ensuring that employees stay safe on the road.

"The consequences of speeding are tragic, real, and long-lasting. This graphic campaign aims to remind reckless drivers of this," added Mr Emerson.