Queenslanders urged to give the environment a break

For many of us, the festive season represents one of the most wasteful times of year - we tend to accumulate more rubbish during Christmas and New Year celebrations, and we often consume more petrol than usual as we take to the roads to visit our loved ones.

This is why the Queensland state government has issued a reminder to residents to think carefully about ways they can celebrate the festive summer season in a greener way - including cutting down on waste and remembering to recycle where possible.

Discarded wrapping paper and cardboard can be easily recycled, said environment minister Andrew Powell. He also noted that with so many people likely to receive new technology items - such as televisions or mobile handsets - as gifts during the Christmas period, it is also important to correctly dispose of e-waste through your local council so that harmful chemicals do not end up in landfills.

"The statistics on waste are staggering.  Each year in Australia, each of us generates an average of two tonnes of industrial, commercial and domestic waste with most of it ending up in landfill," said Mr Powell.

Drivers and their employers can also do their part to ensure they keep their fuel consumption and carbon emissions low, even during the busiest time of year.

The right fleet management software can help reinforce green driving practices and ensure that vehicles are operating as efficiently as possible. This not only helps the environment, but also keeps costs low.

Fuel prices, economists have suggested, are likely to remain above $1.50 a litre for most of the festive season, which means that efficient driving can also ease pressure on your hip pocket.