RAA reports higher fuel ratings

The Royal Automobile Association of South Australia (RAA) Regional Fuel Star Ratings have increased across the region in the last month.

RAA implemented a five star rating in July to ensure motorists are not paying more for fuel than they should be, so an improved score means fuel savings are being passed onto consumers.

It monitors the cost of unleaded petrol, diesel and LPG daily in 18 different townships in South Australia and ratings take into account the town's current and historical pricing behaviour.

If you're a fleet manager in South Australia, you might be interested to know which towns had high ratings and which towns to avoid if you're trying to save on your fuel consumption.

Keith has maintained its top position and has the highest rating of 3.5 in the petrol category. Tailem Bend can boast of having the best diesel price and Mount Gambier features the top ranking for LPG.

"Fair" ratings were also given to a few towns. Consideration is given to the price of all three fuel types when recording towns' fuel costs. Tailem Bend and Port Pirie both received a rating of 3.1 overall and Loxton, Bordertown and Victor Harbor received a 3 star rating.

Unfortunately there were a few towns with "poor" ratings and RAA hopes to see improvements in Whyalla, Ceduna and Port Lincoln, said RAA senior analyst Chris West.

"Since our star rating system began in July this year, these three towns have regularly rated poorly, both in the overall ratings, but particularly in the petrol category," he said.

Most towns received an overall rating between two and three stars, a "slight" improvement on last month, according to an RAA statement, but more work could be done to ensure consumers are benefiting from the reduction in petrol price.