RAA reveals fuel prices better than in 2013

Fuel consumption and petrol prices are consistent issues for fleet managers to deal with. As well as having to make sure vehicles are running cheaply, rising fuel prices can easily undo all of your hard work.

With a little bit of research and investigation, fleet managers can seek out the best petrol prices and reduce their running costs. However, the overall picture is much better than 12 months ago, according to the Royal Automobile Association (RAA).

Some regional fleet managers may have noticed that pump prices had increased within the last year, but the RAA believes motorists are getting a much fairer deal today.

RAA Senior Analyst Chris West explained most regional retailers are now passing their savings onto fleets.

"In 2012/13 we saw significant periods where the regional fuel industry was passing on wholesale price increases within a week, but when prices were falling, the full savings weren't passed on to motorists at all," he said.

"In the past 12 months, we've seen a complete turnaround for most towns. We've now got a situation where the majority of regional fuel retailers are following the wholesale price curve more consistently, which means motorists are paying fairer prices more often."

What towns were the star performers?

Several South Australian towns significantly improved their fuel prices in line with industry standards during the past year.

Keith finished first scoring an overall rating of 3.2 for the 2013/2014 year, after leading the ratings for six months straight. Port Augusta also improved - moving from second-to-last to second in the space of 12 months.

Mr West explained that while it is encouraging to see this from regional retailers, it is important this positive behaviour is maintained moving forward.

"We've been encouraged to see regional fuel retailers lift their game at the pump, providing motorists with a much fairer price," he said.

RAA 2013/2014 Annual SA fuel rating results

1) Keith 3.2

2) Port Augusta 2.9

3) Loxton 2.9

4) Mount Gambier 2.8

5) Clare 2.8