RAA: South Australian drivers are saving up to $200 per week

If you're a fleet manager in South Australia, you'll be happy to know that the most recent Royal Automobile Association (RAA) Cost of Vehicle Ownership survey has found that vehicle owners are saving $200 every year on their vehicles.

A combination of lower fuel costs and more competitive finance interest rates means that people are saving around $200 per year on each vehicle they own.

Average fuel prices have dropped from 141.7 cents per litre last year to 140.6 cents per litre, whilst the cost of financing vehicles has dropped from 12.07 per cent down to 11.11 per cent.

These reductions are good news for any fleet manager, with the costs spread across all the vehicles in your fleet amounting to a fairly sizable annual saving, especially in terms of your vehicle's fuel consumption.

Furthermore, the survey revealed that the Suzuki Alto was the cheapest vehicle to run per weekly expense, coming in at $120 every week. The new Mitsubishi Mirage and Holden Barina Spark were a close second and third, sitting at $122.54 and $123.09 respectively.

The most expensive was the Nissan Patrol, with a weekly running expense of $335.02. Runners up included the Mistubishi Pajero ($301.62) and the electric Holden Volt, with a weekly running cost of $326. 

Electric cars are still being overlooked due to their expensive initial set up costs and big hits on depreciation.

RAA senior manager of mobility and automotive policy Mark Borlace said that when considering a vehicle to purchase, factoring in variables like car servicing, fuel consumption, tyre replacements and insurance costs was paramount to ensuring the best value for your hard earned money. 

If you're a fleet manager considering investing in new vehicles for your fleet, taking these factors into consideration could end up saving you money in the long run.