RACQ criticises government road safety approach

The RACQ has criticised the Queensland government for taking what it claims is the "cheapest option" when it comes to reducing the state road toll and improving driver safety.

In a statement released April 2, RACQ spokesperson Joe Fitzgerald claimed that the current policy of blaming drivers and running road safety advertisements is an ineffective way to curb the road toll.

Mr Fitzgerald says that the actual best "long-term solution" towards reducing driver fatalities is to "make the roads safer".

The RACQ says that the government needs to redirect its focus towards low-cost improvements that have been proven to have a significant effect on the road toll.

This includes infrastructure such as roadside barriers, treatments to better manage median strips and overtaking, upgrades at dangerous intersections and removing trees and poles which might pose a risk to drivers.

According to the RACQ, the Queensland government should also focus on ensuring that motorists are driving safer cars, by removing stamp duty fees for any vehicle which has been awarded a full five star rating by the Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP).

Finally, the RACQ also says that the government should look to ensure there is a more significant police presence on Queensland roads in order to reduce poor driver behaviour.

"The Queensland road toll is already at 75, up from 57 this time last year, a massive 31 per cent increase," said Mr Fitzgerald.

"The vehicle, the road and the driver must work together to keep people alive: it’s as simple as that."

If you are a fleet manager operating in Queensland or wider Australia it may be worth taking these comments into account and considering what you can do to improve the safety of your vehicle fleet.

By disposing of any vehicles with an ANCAP safety rating of five stars or less, and procuring newer, more safety-orientated models, you can significantly reduce the chance that your drivers will be involved in an on-road incident.

A fleet services provider can help with the process of vehicle procurement and save your organisation money by creating a competitive tendering environment amongst multiple dealers.