RACQ expresses support for new toll road legislation

The RACQ has expressed its support for a review into toll road signage in Brisbane, and has urged the Queensland government to introduce new laws regarding this contentious issue.

According to RACQ advocacy executive general manager Paul Turner, legislation requiring the provision of toll charges on roadside signs in the state was removed in 2009.

"Now motorists are expected to weigh up whether the time they will save on a toll road is worth the money they will be charged, without first being told the purchase price," said Mr Turner in a statement released December 3.

"Signs at toll road entries should clearly state the cost of the journey for passenger cars, which make up 80 per cent of all toll road users."

Mr Turner noted that legislation requiring mandatory toll road pricing signage would be particularly important for out-of-state visitors who may not be familiar with the area.

He said that Brisbane and wider Queensland should follow in the footsteps of Sydney, where toll road signage clearly indicates all relevant charges.

"We should be taking a page from their book and giving motorists a fair go," said Mr Turner.

The review into toll road signage will be good news for any Queensland-based fleet manager who may struggle with the process of managing toll road payments and other associated fleet costs.

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