RACV call for right lane freeway ban for trucks

Whatever the size of vehicles in your fleet, there are specific challenges that come with handling each one. Larger vehicles owners will know about their speed limitations, and drivers in smaller fleets will know what it is like to get stuck behind one of these more sizable motors.

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) have recently expressed disappointment that there is not enough discussion around banning trucks from the right-hand lane of the state's freeways.

In a media release this month, the industry body said there was a "failure to commit" to a law that would restrict the large vehicles from entering the fast lane when there are three or more lanes going each way on a state highway.

RACV General Manager Public Policy Brian Negus said it is a major road safety issue for all involved, making it a certain concern for fleet managers.

"These truck restrictions have been in place on the Princes Freeway to and from Geelong and on the Eastern Freeway for some years now and they are working. There has been improvement in traffic flow and road safety on both of these freeways" he explained.

"More must be done so motorists avoid facing a wall of trucks spread across all lanes on all of our freeways creating traffic congestion and resulting in risky road behaviour."

Restrictions on large vehicles from using the right-hand lane have been well implemented elsewhere, Mr Negus continued.

"This measure has been in place for many years in a large number of European cities where trucks are banned from the fast lane. How come Victoria is different?"

RACV also reminded drivers of all vehicle sizes about the road law on highways. Drivers are required to stay in the left-hand lane unless they are overtaking on a road with a speed limit of 80 kilometres per hour or greater.