Rare changes to NSW registration system proposed

Replacing a government system dating back to 1924 seems like an long overdue task, but fleet services in NSW could soon see a rare occurrence. 

This month, Roads Minister Duncan Gay announced proposed changes to light vehicle registration in the state which are now open for public feedback. 

The current system, launched in the 1920s, still only calculates registration fees by vehicle weight. Changes to the process would include incentives for fleets that purchase cars based on their ANCAP safety rating or what their fuel consumption was, as well.

Minister Gay said it was time for change with smaller, safer cars increasing in popularity.

"Just consider how much the fleet on NSW roads has changed in 90 years, from the early vintage classics to the big bodied muscle cars of the 70's and the hybrids of recent years," he said.

"Road crashes cost the NSW community more than $5 billion per year, so initiatives geared at encouraging motorists to choose safer vehicles will help to lower these costs."

According to the Minister, the new pricing system would only apply to new fleet vehicles and would aim to encourage fleet managers to choose safe, greener vehicles.

Another proposed change would see changes to the stamp duty and CTP insurance charges. These are described as 'complementary measures' to help Australia lower its carbon footprint by promoting cleaner fleet services.

Services with fleet management software will be buoyed by the suggestion of a 'continuous' registration scheme. The possibility of automated monthly direct debit or credit would mean fleet managers would not have to worry about late charges or non-payment infringements.

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) has created a public Discussion Paper and Summary Paper describing the reforms which fleet managers can provide feedback on until July 24.