Reduce fleet costs with regular maintenance

As a fleet manager, one of the biggest expenses you can face is vehicle servicing. As cars rely on a large number of moving parts to function properly, keeping the engines working efficiently requires regular maintenance.

When a car is not running as it should, this can significantly impact on the vehicle's fuel consumption and eventually lead to expensive and preventable repairs.

It is therefore important that you maintain a consistent schedule of servicing and maintenance. However, this process doesn't have to break the bank.

There are a number of steps you can take to ensure your business saves money on fleet maintenance.

Perform simple maintenance independently

While most service work should always be performed by a registered automotive technician, there are certain tasks you can complete yourself to save money and time.

This includes ensuring the tyres remain properly inflated, fluids are kept at optimal levels and the oil is changed regularly. 

Underinflated tires will reduce your fuel mileage by up to 15 per cent and can also cause handling problems that could cause an accident.

Checking the fluid levels is also crucial as driving a vehicle with low brake, transmission or power steering fluid can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Oil changes are another important service as oil is often considered the lifeblood of all engines. When performing this maintenance, consider using synthetic oil to extend engine life and reduce carbon emissions.

Fleet management software

If you invest in fleet management software, you can keep an accurate and detailed history on past maintenance performed on each vehicle owned by your business.

This will ensure certain maintenance tasks are not unnecessarily repeated, which will save your company on preventable costs. Service and maintenance software can also generate alerts to remind you when a service is due, which will guarantee a vehicle does not accidentally get passed over and potentially miss out on crucial maintenance work.