Reminder for headlight use in low light

Although winter is yet to hit its straps in many parts of the country, the Royal Automobile Association (RAA) is reminding all road users to use their headlights whenever necessary.

Many fleet drivers don't know the correct procedure to using their headlights during sunrise and sunset as well as in periods of fog or heavy rain.

RAA Senior Manager Road Safety Charles Mountain said it was a good time to educate drivers on safe practices to ensure we get through the dark and dreary days ahead.

"Our road rules state that a driver mustn't drive at night or in hazardous weather conditions such as fog unless their headlights, tail lights and number plate light are all working,"

"Dark, rainy or foggy weather conditions can be quite common at this time of year, so it's important to drive with caution."

This winter period would be an excellent time for managers to consider fleet management software. Maintenance and servicing reminders allows businesses to ensure vehicles are safe for drivers and the general public.

Early mornings around Australia can attract heavy fog so Mr Mountain describes what fleet managers should be passing on to their drivers.

"In foggy conditions, turn your headlights on low beam or use fog lights if you have them. Don't put headlights on high beam though, as the reflection from the fog actually makes it harder to see," he said.

Daytime headlights?

As many new vehicles come equipped with daytime running lights (DRL), it is important for fleet managers to know that these additions won't affect fuel consumption rates.

"The modern daytime running lights are Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which operate whenever the engine is running. They have a low energy consumption and are designed to minimise glare," said Mr Mountain.

However, drivers shouldn't be driving around with regular headlights on as it uses additional petrol as well as reduces headlight life.