Report reveals improving fleet safety

Fatalities involving fleet trucks and buses are significantly down, which is good news for fleet managers in Australia.

According to the report released by the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics titled 'Road trauma involving heavy vehicles: crash statistics', accidents decreased from 281 to 189 over the past ten years.

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Jamie Briggs explained that while these statistics are encouraging more work is still needed in the long term.

"The Australian Government is committed to working together with state and territory governments to ensure our transport networks are even safer and more productive across urban and regional Australia," a July 4 media statement read.

Included in the government's drive to make the roads safer for all motorists is the $500 million invested in the national Black Spot Programme as well as the $2.1 billion towards the Roads to Recovery project.

The report highlights that in heavy vehicle crashes, 75 per cent of the fatalities are the drivers and their passengers. This is followed by pedestrians (14 per cent), motorcyclists (8 per cent) and cyclists (3 per cent).

The federal government is expected to carry on the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Programme, which specifically targets road infrastructure as well as rest-areas and technology. 

"The Australian Government will continue to monitor trends in heavy vehicle road safety and implement programmes to improve road safety and reduce fatal crashes on our roads," the statement said.

One way that businesses can increase safety in their fleets is by introducing fleet management software and conducting regular maintenance.

By installing the software, organisations can be confident that the fleet is in good condition before drivers start long journeys. Services are recorded and reminders are emailed to drivers when checks are due.

This is important if a vehicle is involved in a crash as that data can be used to assist insurance claims.