Risk of animal collision 40 per cent greater during winter, AAMI research finds

While the value of a fleet management service which provides accident management during the wet and unpredictable winter months might seem obvious, there is another danger on the road that many drivers do not even consider.

New research from AAMI has found that animal collisions are 40 per cent more likely during winter than during summer, prompting a call for increased caution when driving at this time of year.

"Through the winter months, daylight is shorter and we are on the roads more at the very time of day when animals, such as kangaroos, tend to be more active and invade our roadways," said AAMI corporate affairs manager Reuben Aitchison (July 2).

"There is a reason it’s called wildlife – it’s unpredictable ... Animals are not taught to ‘look right, look left and look right again’ before crossing the road, so slow down and be aware of the environment you’re driving in," Mr Atchison advised.

AAMI suggest slowing down and staying alert in order to minimise the risk of animal collision.

However if the worst does occur and one of your drivers does find themselves in an accident, a fleet management service can provide roadside assistance to ensure that help is available 24/7.

Furthermore, a good fleet management service can then provide help with procedural advice and filing insurance documents to ensure that any further delays can be minimised.