RMS online service to support frequent driver stops

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has just released an online service that will make it much easier for long-distance drivers in New South Wales to plan their routes and know when and where they can stop.

The service has been launched to serve those hitting the roads this long weekend, but will no doubt serve your drivers all year round.

Drivers will be able to access information about the facilities that rest areas along their route possess by using a simple interface that involves clicking on map icons.

You can also search for rest areas based on particular facilities, such as bathrooms, or what kind of vehicle you are driving. This will be particularly useful for any heavy vehicle drivers in your fleet.

"The service provides an easier way to plan journeys and rest stops on major roads and
encourages motorists to Stop, Revive, Survive," an RMS spokesman said yesterday (June 6).

He revealed that large amounts of preventable road accidents are occurring because Australians are getting behind their wheels when they're too drowsy to drive.

"Motorists need to make sure they don’t ignore the warning signs and take regular breaks
while driving long distances, he said. Those signs could involve tired eyes, loss of concentration and yawning.

"By planning rest breaks on long trips with tools like the new online rest stop maps, motorists can avoid fatigue," he concluded.

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