SA government launches road safety initiative

If you're a fleet manager in South Australia, you'll be pleased to hear about the state's new road safety campaign.

In an August 12 media release, road safety minister Michael O'Brien announced the launch of Know When to Cross the Line, which aims to reduce accidents caused by "irresponsible and dangerous behaviours around trains."

The campaign, which is part of National Rail Safety Week, will involve advertising the safety message through various channels, such as signage at crossings, billboards, and radio and digital ads.

Mr O'Brien outlined exactly why such an initiative was required.

He cited statistics from Adelaide Metro which showed that last year, there were 115 pedestrians who were almost involved in accidents with trains and trams across Adelaide.

In addition, there were 76 cases of vehicles encroaching onto tracks illegally, resulting in a near-miss.

He went on to explain the reasons why pedestrians and drivers got themselves into such hazardous situations in the first place.

He condemned dangerous behaviours such as listening to music or checking mobile phones around crossings, and said that with trains travelling at speeds of up to 90 kilometres per hour, the consequences of not watching out could be drastic.

The safety of your staff is paramount, so your fleet management program should include regularly training and educating your drivers on road safety.

Know When to Cross the Line is the perfect opportunity to remind your drivers about the dangers of being careless around trains - encourage them to pay attention to the campaign's messages this week and to keep them in mind in future.

"It’s up to pedestrians and motorists to stay out of the way so we can avoid tragic fatalities the future," concluded Mr O'Brien.