Safe driving essential during the Easter break

The Easter break is fast approaching and many people all over Australia are now gearing up for what will potentially be the last long weekend holiday of the summer.

If you are a fleet manager concerned about the safety and wellbeing of your employees, it might be a good idea to take a few steps now to ensure that they are at reduced risk of being in an incident over Easter.

Remind them to take it slow when possible, and to treat other drivers courteously. Encourage them to perform a few basic fleet maintenance tasks of their own, when applicable, such as checking their oil and inflating their tyres.

According to the RACQ, more than 11,360 Queenslanders had to be rescued during the 2012 Easter break - and many of these breakdowns and crashes could have been easily avoided.

The RACQ recommend that motorists check their vehicle lights, windscreen wipers and washers, as well as take care when packing their car for the trip to ensure there is plenty of visibility.

"Planning a road trip can be stressful, especially around school holidays," said RACQ spokesperson Steve Spalding in a statement released March 22.

"Making sure your car is in good shape for the trip is often the last thing you think of but it’s the most important."

Mr Spalding has also noted that drivers should look out for the signs of driver fatigue over the Easter break.

He goes on to explain that no matter how hard a driver prepares for a trip, there's always a chance that a breakdown will occur. For that reason, he suggests that motorists include some spare time in their schedules "to allow for delays".

Hopefully, if your organisation has signed up to fleet services, your drivers will also have access to roadside assistance and accident management should anything go wrong over the Easter break.