Safer roads around NSW schools

The children of New South Wales are about to be a whole lot safer, thanks to a government initiative that will see flashing lights installed on roads surrounding schools.

The National Roads and Motorists' Association (NRMA) has welcomed the government's decision, which was announced yesterday (June 11), to accelerate the rollout of these flashing lights.

The installation of anything that decreases the likelihood of accidents on our roads is good news for the safety-conscious fleet manager.

Safer roads mean safer drivers. That means you can send people out in your vehicles with the peace of mind that they will have an accident-free journey to their destination.

Less road accidents also mean your fleet maintenance costs will be less.

"The NRMA has supported the installation of flashing lights at schools since day one," said NRMA president Wendy Machin.

"We believe flashing lights go a long way to ensure that motorists are aware that they are travelling in a school zone and need to slow down."

It is hoped that every school in New South Wales will have flashing lights installed by 2015. Until then, the NRMA suggested, there are many other things the government can do to make the roads around schools safer, both for pedestrians and drivers.

Ms Machin said signs that are faded or have trees growing across them should be seen to, and the pedestrian crossings in some school zones are in desperate need of upgrades.

She has asked that members of the public submit any other suggestions they may have to increase the safety of school zones to the NRMA. There is currently an online survey that drivers can fill out. It will be available until July 29.