Safety of Australian-sold cars on show

Safety is right up there in the mind of a fleet manager. Not adhering to a robust occupational health and safety policy can cause a significant number of problems with both employees and regulators.

It's good to know, then, that the Australian automotive industry is in good shape and providing the right vehicles to keep our drivers safe and businesses ticking over.

Sometimes, you need to look at safety comparatively, which is exactly what the Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) have done.

ANCAP are responsible for crash testing new vehicle models as they enter the country, which then informs consumers about the safety standard of any new vehicle they may consider purchasing.

In a media release this month, ANCAP awarded two Indian-sold models the lowest possible safety rating of zero stars.

Both of the models were versions of vehicles that can be found on global car markets, though neither met the grade for crash testing and proved to be a serious hazard to human life in the event of an accident.

The Datsun Go (Nissan Motor Company) and the Maruti Suzuki Swift both received the basement safety grade after failing the crash tests. Seven other new models were also found wanting in recent times, also receiving zero-star ratings, ANCAP said.

By comparison, the Australian new car market is a roaring safety success story. Each month, ANCAP post crash test results for the latest new models, including imports such as the Suzuki Swift. The Australian model has received the highest possible ANCAP rating of 5-star since 2012.

The Datsun Go also includes noticeably improved safety standards in developed regions, though the manufacturer is said to be focusing on other booming car markets such as India, Indonesia and Russia.

Improvement never involves standing still, however, and it is always important for fleet managers to continuously push their safety standards - to protect employees and to stay ahead of the competition.

Fleet management software can be a substantial help for this reason - among many more. A host of third-party services can be especially useful in upholding the high standards of an OHS policy.