Safety upgrades for Kings Highway

Fleet services utilising the link between the south NSW coast and Canberra will enjoy new safety upgrades announced by the state government earlier this month.

Sections of the 150km Kings Highway, which is regarded as one of the most deadly stretches of road in the country, are set to receive a $1.8 million dollar upgrade.

Work will begin on a 1.2 kilometre eastbound overtaking lane as a result from the Kings Highway Safety Review, a collaboration between the state and federal governments. Currently, there is no designated overtaking opportunity for close to 20 kilometres and there has been 62 crashes since 2007 in this section alone, the member for Monaro John Barilaro said.

"A lack of overtaking opportunities was identified by the community and stakeholders as their greatest safety concern on the highway," he said.

The overtaking lane is just one part of a raft of safety upgrades which also include the widening the shoulder east of the Goulburn Road Intersection at Doughboy. This will extend the westbound overtaking lane and be finished by the end of next month.

Improvements to road marking and pavements will be addressed around Glenmore Road in Braidwood. This is planned to get underway later this month and additional upgrades are also set for Misty Mountain Road with guardrail and shoulder improvements made by the end of July.

According to the NRMA, fatality rates are 8 per cent higher on the Kings Highway and crash rates 85 per cent higher than other main routes. Over a 10 year period, more than 850 crashes were recorded. This equates to one every four days. 

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