Save yourself time with fleet services

The days are getting longer, the nights warmer, and with the arrival of summer comes the oldest of Australian traditions: daylight savings.

That means that residents of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the Australian Capital Territory will all be setting their clocks forward one hour on the night of Saturday October 6, in order to take advantage of the calmer weather.

Daylight savings serves as a great time to perform a few essential checks around your home and office. Have you replaced the batteries in your smoke detectors yet? Is the fire extinguisher fully charged? Is your emergency disaster readiness kit stocked up?

Another good way to use your extra hour of daylight might be by evaluating your current fleet management protocols and determining whether they are as efficient as they can be.

While we might be able to change the clocks twice a year, we still find that there are never quite enough hours in the day, and that is why it's important to always be making productive use of your time.

If you are in charge of a fleet of company vehicles and often find yourself bogged down by headache inducing tasks such as organising servicing and fleet maintenance, dealing with procurement and disposal, or registration and infringement management, then it might be time to consider fleet services.

Fleet services can take care of all of this for you, while at the same time identifying potential improvements and more efficient strategies for your fleet.

The best fleet services also offer 24/7 roadside assistance and accident management, perfect for ensuring you and your drivers have peace of mind this summer.

With fleet services you can spend less time worrying about the little details and spend more time enjoying the bigger picture - such as how to enjoy your extra hour of sunlight with friends and family.