The scale of green car benefits

Green cars may seem like a great idea to a fleet manager, but it can be difficult to know exactly what benefits are on offer from the eco-friendly technology and how they can impact your business.

This can make it equally difficult to commit to a green car initiative, identify other carbon-reduction options, or at least understand when is the best time to make the change in your fleet vehicles.

Fortunately, research from the FIA Foundation puts some of the benefits - as well as the risks - into perspective.

Whether making a change to hybrid or electric vehicles is an economical or environmental choice, there are specific bonuses to adopting these across a business model. 

According to the foundation, global car fleets on our roads are predicted to triple by 2050 - equating to more than 80 per cent of that in the developing world. According to various sources, the number of cars on Australian roads is increasing year-on-year by between 200,000 and 400,000 vehicles.

The FIA Foundation said: "Now, with a global economy facing huge difficulties, we have to find a way to reconcile legitimate aspirations for mobility, an ambitious reduction in CO2 from cars worldwide, and global economic recovery." 

For fleet managers considering a green, hybrid or electric fleet, the cost-saving benefits of reducing fuel consumption can be great.

"A move across the global fleet towards far better fuel economy at a scale which is already technically achievable and cost effective could save US$2 trillion net by 2030, and over 6 billion barrels of oil per year by 2050," the foundation predict.

"That would cut by half of CO2 emissions from those cars, as well as generate significant local air pollution benefits - and all using existing, cost-effective technologies."

Some of these technologies are available today, with fleet management programs and software putting the business in greater control of its fuel, cost and time economy.

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