Sky-high fuel prices for Central Coast

Doesn't it always seem to be the way that when you are most in need of something, the prices seem significantly higher? Fleet managers on the Central Coast, New South Wales, will understand this, as according to the latest research by the National Road and Motorists' Association (NRMA), road users are being charged unfairly for fuel.

According to the latest report by the NRMA, motorists in the region are paying as much as 8 cents per litre more than they should be. In the latest Subaru Outback, for instance, with a 60 litre fuel tank capacity, this equates to an extra $4.80 every time the driver fills up.

The news will no doubt be troublesome for car owners; however, for a fleet running any number of vehicles, it becomes financially destabilising. 

Unleaded petrol on the Central Coast was clocked by the NRMA at a massive 140.4 cents per litre. Even a hour down the road in the New South Wales capital, fuel prices were not as damaging, with unleaded in Sydney a staggering 18 cents cheaper.

NRMA President Kyle Loades said petrol prices on the Central Coast had reached an uncompetitive high that is leaving businesses and individuals short changed.

"Last week a Caltex spokesperson told Central Coast media that the NRMA's concerns about Central Coast fuel was a 'conspiracy theory' - let me assure him these exorbitant prices are very real to the residents of the Central Coast," Mr Loades explained.

"These concerns are very real when the gap between the Central Coast and Sydney is over 200 per cent higher than it was last year. The concern is very real when the Central Coast - consistently one of the state's more competitive fuel markets - now lags behind many regional centres."

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