The slowest routes into Adelaide

Fleet drivers in metropolitan areas will constantly be trying to gauge which routes are the most time-efficient and which are likely to hold up their drivers throughout the day.

Avoiding such roads can save minutes per day, hours each month and potentially days annually.

This is one of the advantages of fleet management software. All parts of a fleet can be analysed to optimise everything from route finding to fuel efficiency. With a little help, it will be easy to find the quickest routes, while avoiding the slowest.

For a fleet manager in Adelaide who doesn't use such a program, recent news from the Royal Automobile Association (RAA) will help to clear up this matter for you.

According to a release this month, North East Road and Main North Road are the two biggest time wasters - particularly in morning rush hour traffic.

RAA Senior Manager Charles Mountain believes both routes do not cut it, having become significantly slower since 2013.

"North East Road is slowing during the morning commute, particularly before Sudholz Road and then from Hampstead Road, and also from Clifton Street through to Fitzroy Terrace nearing the city," he explained.

"This is having a flow on effect and increasing congestion on Main North Road."

Of the 12 roads analysed by the RAA, only two passed the minimum standard in terms of speed and congestion in the morning, and four crossed this threshold in the afternoon.

With the potential to slow down business for thousands in the capital, Mr Mountain suggested this is just not good enough.

"For a city the size of Adelaide, it's unacceptable that motorists should have to deal with such high congestion levels," Mr Mountain continued.