The smarter way to manage vehicle procurement and disposal

When identifying deficiencies in your fleet of company vehicles, the first thing you will want to consider is whether the vehicles you are currently utilising are the most suitable for the job.

Often disposing of older vehicles and procuring new ones can help improve efficiency and reduce running costs, leading to significant financial benefits in the long run.

If vehicles are no longer performing as required - such as by being overly expensive to run or maintain - then it is well worth contemplating replacing them for a newer or more reliable model.

At the same time, if your business has outgrown the size of your fleet to the point where there are not enough vehicles to keep the organisation running efficiently and productively, then it is vital that you take the necessary steps towards procuring more vehicles as soon as possible.

Often the best way to keep track of this complicated issue is via fleet services which can advise you on the optimal vehicle changeover schedules, as well as secure better deals on new vehicles.

As fleet services are able to contact a range of dealerships and create a competitive tendering environment for you, you can be confident that your organisation is receiving the best offers available.

Fleet services can also review each vehicle on offer and ensure it is suitable for the job it is being procured for, while also calculating the Whole of Life cost of the vehicle to determine the potential future cost of fleet maintenance and other on-going expenses.

Doing this yourself can be overly complex and time-consuming, however fleet management services are well experienced in ensuring the entire process of vehicle procurement and disposal is as easy and headache-free as possible.

In the business world knowledge is power, and fleet services which specialise in vehicle procurement and disposal are the best way to ensure you are armed with all the necessary information required to make an informed decision.