Smartfleet client claims top fleet award

A prestigious fleet award has been awarded to one of Smartfleet's clients in recognition of their outstanding fleet management program.

The Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) won the 2013 Fleet Environment Award, one of three annual fleet awards administered by the Australian Fleet Management Association (AfMA).

As the largest agency within the Tasmanian Government, the DHHS employs the biggest vehicle fleet within the body to support its vision of providing high quality health services to the state's communities.

With a fleet that had to be relied upon 24/7, it was always going to be a challenge to limit their vehicle emissions and impact on the environment - but the DHHS's exceptional fleet management program proved to be up to the task.

Working from the basis of a 2009 review of their car fleet, the DHHS identified areas of significant inefficiency and developed strategies to address them.

This is where Smartfleet's unique fleet services came in. By working in conjunction with Smartfleet, the DHHS streamlined its pool booking system to facilitate a more efficient use of its fleet.

The new system that was implemented reaped massive benefits. Firstly, the DHHS identified vehicle imbalances and reduced its fleet size by 9.49 per cent, cutting down CO2 emissions by 15.06 per cent.

More fuel efficient vehicles were procured to support their aims, with a shift from 6 cylinder to 4 cylinder cars.

Smartfleet's top of the range fleet management software, such as environmental rating reports, would no doubt have helped the DHHS in tracking their performance.

The award is a fantastic achievement for the DHHS and is another example of how Smartfleet can help any organisation - be it a business or a government body - to improve its fleet management practices.