South Australia could pioneer autonomous cars down under

With some of the world's top minds focusing their attention on creating autonomous cars, there's no doubt they'll be part of the future for fleet managers. The question is not if, but when. 

The answer could be very soon for fleet managers down under, and South Australia looks to be taking the first step in bringing them to our shores. 

A recent announcement revealed that the southern suburbs of Adelaide will be the proving grounds for Volvo's autonomous car in November. Not only is it a milestone for Australia, it's a first for the entire Southern Hemisphere. 

The campaign is an extension of the Swedish marque's Drive Me program, an ambitious undertaking that intends to deliver autonomous vehicles to consumers during 2017. 

Australia's version of the experiment will coincide with the continuation of the original test running in Gothenburg, Sweden, where Volvo plans to have 100 examples navigating the city's streets themselves by the same year. The magnitude of the development was enough to draw the attention of Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, who attended a demonstration in March. 

SA Premier Jay Weatherill believes the upcoming test will put Australia and the state on the map for other car manufacturers, giving the country a chance to experience the many benefits promised by these vehicles. 

"Driverless cars have the ability to revolutionise transport in this country and we want to be at the forefront of that paradigm shift," he said. 

"It is our ambition to be a test bed for innovation across a whole range of areas such as this."

Of course, this is about more than simply showing off the latest advances in technology, as these vehicles are set to be the future of green cars. They're also promising to provide a substantial safety improvement by eliminating human error in the driving process.