Speed crucial in preventing road injuries

As the temperature continues to rise and we celebrate the summer months, a new campaign in Western Australia is reminding drivers of the importance of adhering to the speed limit.

One doctor said that travelling just ten kilometres over the posted speed limit can considerably increase your chances of suffering a serious injury - or even a fatality - on the roads.

Speaking to PerthNow just days after the launch of Western Australia's Summer Slowdown campaign, Dr Sudhakar Rao, head of trauma at Royal Perth Hospital, said that the obvious risks of travelling at higher speeds - especially those over 80 to 100 km/hr -  include higher-energy impact, which can result in injuries that damage the internal organs.

By contrast, accidents that take place when the vehicles are travelling at less than 50 or 60 km/hr are much more likely to result in injuries that damage the lungs or abdomen.

Dr Rao advised that in addition to following the posted speed limit, drivers can take other proactive measures to remain safe on the roads, including shopping around for a car with the best possible safety features and always wearing a seatbelt.

For employers that manage a team of drivers, fleet management software can also help to monitor driver performance and ensure that employees are taking safe, proactive measures on the roads.

An intelligent online fleet management system has a number of useful reporting features that can help identify high-cost areas, including the distance the vehicle travels. It can also help to encourage positive driver behaviour - such as adhering to the speed limit - and is an excellent way to track the eco-friendliness of specific vehicles.