Speed limit change in regional NSW

Fleet services in regional NSW are reminded of a significant speed limit change set for implementation in the next two weeks.

Before August, the speed limit on Clergate Road will drop from 80 km/h to 60 km/h in an attempt to curb accidents between Orange and Dubbo. It will apply between Clergate Road's intersections with Northern distributor Road and Quartz Street.

NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) have completed a full review of the road as part of a wider ongoing program across the state. RMS are actively reviewing speed limits on NSW roads to attempt to reduce the ever-increasing road toll.

On NSW roads, there have been 173 fatal crashes so far this year, resulting in 180 fatalities. Reducing speed limits is part of the plan to prevent any more lives lost on the roads.

Member for Orange, Andrew Gee said the Orange City Council has worked hard to assess the viability of lowering the limit.

"The review assessed a number of factors along the road including pedestrian activity, road environment, traffic characteristics and crash data," he explained.

Mr Gee explained that this reduction on Clergate Road should improve the safety of all road users and is more in line with the current state of the road environment.

"Road safety data will be reviewed after implementation to monitor its effectiveness," he said.

When the council decides to make the switchover, warning signs will be installed to alert motorists and should remain for at least a week. 

Fleet managers with concerns about speed limits in particular areas can contact Safer Roads NSW to voice their opinion.

To complement the speed limit reduction, fleet services should investigate fleet management software to improve safety. An advantage of the software is accident management response.

If an accident was to occur, a team is available 24/7 to take care of drivers as well as dealing with the vehicle and any subsequent insurance claims.