Spotlight on managing a small fleet

Managing a fleet can sometimes feel like a huge undertaking. Short of sitting in the back seat and monitoring every journey, a fleet manager can struggle to keep track of fleet characteristics and ultimately improve their service.

That is why fleet management exists, to take the time, effort and resources one may spend on seemingly impossible tasks and allow technology to lend a hand where it can. Ultimately, though, the manager is in total control, and software is working behind the scenes to improve what is presented to front-end services.

This is the primary focus of the latest fleet study by ABI Research, who said that these back-end (behind the scenes) software options present a range of benefits to optimise a fleet manager's workload. However. ABI said that smaller fleets should be encouraged to get onboard and begin receiving the same level of service.

Technology is no longer a word to be feared as synonymous with 'costly', instead it is being used by some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world to streamline and improve fleet management. ABI said the benefits of back-end fleet services are vast.

"Some of the key benefits of back-end software for fleet managers include: better fleet management, improved asset utilisation, greater efficiency, increased up-time, reduced operational costs and full system integration into existing organisational structures," the market intelligence company explained in an October 8 media release.

However, ABI said the benefits are being largely restricted to large fleets, with smaller counterparts perhaps concerned over the cost-saving benefits fleet management can have on their own businesses.

ABI explained that: "Smaller fleets need to be reassured that they will get their return on investment." From improving fleet maintenance costs to enhancing car fuel consumption, fleet management software is scalable to match fleet size and can begin to save money for a business from day one.

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