Study names South Australia's riskiest roads

If you are a fleet manager with vehicles operating in South Australia, you may want to take the time to take a look at a new study released by the RAA earlier this month.

According to a statement published by the RAA on June 4, the vital South Road in Adelaide is the riskiest road in all of South Australia.

That is concerning news when one considers that the South Road is one of the most essential arterial roads in the South Australian capital, and is a commonly used route for anyone travelling from the southern suburbs into the CBD.

RAA senior manager of Road Safety Charles Mountain has pointed to the results as evidence that urgent work is required in order to make the South Road safer for South Australian motorists.

"The survey results provide further validation to RAA's continual push for South Road to be upgraded between the Superway and the Southern Expressway, as well as improvements to the Inner City Ring Route, which includes Britannia Roundabout," said Mr Mountain.

The infamous Britannia Roundabout - also located in Adelaide - was cited in the RAA's study as the most dangerous intersection in South Australia, a result that will come as no surprise to any motorist which has had to navigate this perilous blind spot.

This study may serve as a reminder to South Australian fleet managers as to the importance of ensuring your drivers have access to reliable roadside assistance and accident management services.

A professional fleet services provider can offer these programs at an affordable price, providing both peace of mind to your drivers and reduced expenses for your organisation.

Other roads named by the RAA as some of the most dangerous in South Australia include the Tod Highway, the Bute to Kulpara Road, Point Douglas Road and North East Road.

The RAA compiled more than 3,700 nominations for roads and intersections from across South Australia in order to compile the final results.