Study reveals 99 per cent of businesses spend time on repetitive manual tasks

A new study from Vanson Bourne under commission from Redwood Software has revealed that 99 per cent of businesses are still devoting a significant amount of personnel time towards repetitive manual tasks.

This problem is so drastic that 63 per cent of businesses admitted to spending over a quarter of their time on such duties, while 17 per cent devote more than half of their time to these mundane jobs.

Redwood Software suggests that the best solution to this problem could be in business process automation, and the majority of the 300 decision makers from companies in the US and the UK who participated in the survey agreed.

Nearly 80 per cent of respondents said that automation could deliver time savings, while 69 per cent said that it could improve productivity. A further 61 per cent noted that the automation of business process could provide regular cost savings.

If you are in charge of a fleet of company vehicles and are looking to cut down on the amount of time devoted to this area, you might want to consider automating certain practices through fleet management software.

Software for fleet management can automatically assemble and collate relevant fleet data to provide you with comprehensive and easy to read online modules, which can help you identify areas where expenses could be reduced and efficiency could be improved.

A fleet management program can also automate the recording and tracking of such tasks as registration management, as well as infringement payments, procurement, disposal and vehicle booking.

Manually recording and evaluating this information can be time consuming and unproductive, but with a fleet management solution you can redirect your time to more essential tasks.

Redwood Software chief executive officer Tijl Vuyk believes that organisations need to ensure they are automating as many processes as possible in order to reap the potential benefits to productivity and expenses.

"This is a significant opportunity for enterprises to confront the automation contradiction," said Mr Vuyk in a statement issued October 27.

"But the key to grasping this opportunity is knowledge - knowledge of what processes can be automated, and how this can directly impact business goals. Only then will the gap between silos be bridged, and benefits achieved."